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James William "JW" Sinnock


15 Jul 1852, Payson, IL


TO: Frances (Fanny) Mayo Nichols
01 Oct 1878, Quincy, IL


25 Feb 1931, Los Angeles, CA

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1415 Hampshire Street (1900 & 2016) --- still lookin' good
as all houses in this historical district probably expensive to maintain

NOTE:  "James William, known as JW, came to Quincy from Payson when in his teens. He was working with the Upham & Gordon Shoe Company, but in 1885 with Charles Nichols, brother of his wife he founded Sinnock and Nichols Wholesale Furnishings in Quincy, which he then nurtured through his whole working life. He was engaged in the Wholesale Boot and Shoe business, but later on Wholesale Notions and Furnishings goods also in manufacturing garments, overalls, etc. He married Fannie May Nichols of Quincy, Illinois and they lived their whole married lives in Quincy."
              quote from his uncle, Thomas Sinnock's family history, written about 1910

According to his grandson, Robert C. Wells , "JW used to get Sunday 'headaches' that would keep him from going to church. I remember one time when JW took a piece of his toast, dunked it into his coffee and reached over, handing it to young Robert - BOY did he get yelled at by his wife for giving coffee to such a young person. JW was called "Big Daddy" and Fannie was called "Monie" by grandkids".

JW and Fannie May built a new home in 1890 at 1415 Hampshire Street in Quincy for $1500 and there raised five children, three sons: William Henry, Frank Brown, and Pomeroy; and two daughters: Julia (Oberdorfer) and Ellen (Wells). JW is a son of immigrant George Sinnock and Sarah Ann Kay; brother of seven, including Charles Wesley, Kay, and George E. Sinnock. Descendant trees are available for these linked brothers as well.

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