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click  NAMES  for people links             JPG ICON's JPG files are full-screen, linked diagrams of the person or couples' ancestors.

JPG files are used for displays throughout this site rather PDF files because of size and, moreso, the ability to link names. JPG's may be downloaded with your browser's copy or "save as" functions. Most are of sufficient pixel resolution to render high quality prints and several magnifications of zooming, but I recommend working with PDF files which are scaleable for better zooming, viewing and printing (see explantion for PDF ICONS). Click reddened letters for more explanation of types of computer files available from this site.
for linked images              PDF ICONS PDF files are paginated and bookmarked. They contain ancestor diagrams of the named person or couple as well as a list of their ancestors. The first pages include diagrams, though unlinked, of the same diagrams shown in linked JPG format in the adjacent column (see explanation for JPG ICON's). The PDF pages after the diagrams provide ancestor lists.

PDF images are scaleable (vector format) and better for zooming, viewing and printing than JPG or other pixel-based images (bitmap format). To download PDF files to your computer for copying, viewing, printing, or even editing explore the icons along the top or side of the screen when viewing PDF links. Depending on your browser's display, one icon should lead to "download".

Most PDF diagrams included with this site (e.g. these ancestor diagrams) are layered and may be edited with Adobe Illustrator. Of course all PDF files are viewable and printable with freely available Adobe Reader (in 2017 at least). Click reddened letters for more explanation of types of computer files available from this site.
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  Charlemagne,  Alfred 'the Great' and  Rollo 'the Viking'

  Cynthia Mills Burrus (Kay)

  Frances Mayo Nichols (Sinnock)

  Frances Maurice Obear (Sinnock)

  George Sinnock and Sarah Ann Kay

  Henry II de La Pomerai

  Mary Margaret Hill (Sinnock)

  Mary Lindfield (Sinnock)

  Pomeroy Sinnock Sr.

  Samuel Sinnock

  Susie Carter (Sinnock)

  Willis Ray    Marilyn Kay    and    Betty June   Sinnock