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Photo Sources: Hunt Family Tree at, 2015


Samuel Sinnock


13 Nov 1793, Hailsham, East Sussex


TO: Mary Lindfield
07 Sep 1818, Hamsey, East Sussex


26 Sep 1886, Payson, IL

Sam and Mary

Mary and Sam's ancestors and children
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NOTE:  Sam and Mary are common ancestors of nearly all Sinnocks in the United States. They have nearly 1000 known descendants. In 1853 they left the family home village of Sedlescombe, East Sussex, inland just 8 miles from Hastings along the southern English coast and brought their whole family, including four children to America joining their son George in Payson, Illinois just a couple of miles east of the Mississippi River. Sam Jr. and George  came to America as teenagers nearly 20 years earlier, 1836 and 1837 respectively. There's probably an interesting story or two about how these young teenagers left the family home and migrated halfway around the world to the center of the North American continent. Sam Jr. eventually settled across the river near Newark, MO. Besides George and Sam Jr., Sam and Mary had two daughters  Mary Ann and Harriett; and two other sons JW and Thomas  who all had many children and grandchildren. They all traveled about a month along with Harriett's husband and two young daughters (one of which died shortly after arrival) by one of the last great passenger sailing ships, the "Margaret Evans" from London to New York. The group of nine then traveled overland for two more weeks before reaching Payson. Sam was a master cordwainer (apprenticed leather worker) who made a good living for his family making shoes and boots in Seldlescombe then in Payson till he died at age 92.

Sam was one of nine children, six surviving childhood, of James Sinnock and Ruth Weller from Hailsham including brothers James, Thomas, William and Charles and a sister, Elizabeth. His ancestors can be traced back to the mid 1500's in nearby Eastbourne on the southern English coast.
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