Summary Reports and Diagrams
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Click images below to view    PDF filesDocument files are bookmarked for easy navigation. Many documents contain highlighted blue text indicating hyperlinks refining navigation in the underlying MS Word originals available for download in menu 12.
For maps I recommend downloading layered versions for viewing in Adobe Reader or other PDF viewers
    (note file sizes for loading times)

Hard copies were donated to Great River Genealogical Society, Quincy Public Library, Quincy, Illinois in October, 2015

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--------  Summaries  -------- ------------------------------------  Backup Details  ------------------------------------
Family History (47MB) Data Anayses (10MB) Bibliography (30MB) Descendants (39MB) Letters, etc (13MB) Ahnentafel (15MB)



--------  Layered (Animated) Maps  -------- ----  Ancestors  ----
US Migrations (1MB) UK Migrations (1MB) 150 Generations (4MB)