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3 sons and 1 grandson of Elias Sinnock and Margery Frankwell

Son William Sinnock from Eastbourne, Sussex and Mary Langford

Son Nicholas Sinnock from Eastbourne, Sussex and Ursula Langstaffe

Son Richard Sinnock from Easbourne, Sussex and Mary Sheppard

Grandson Thomas Sennock (sic) and Elizabeth Looker from Eastbourne, Sussex

1 son and 2 grandsons of Thomas Sennock (sic) and Elizabeth Looker

Son James Sinnock and Sarah Marshall from Hailsham, Sussex

Grandson Henry Sinnock from Hailsham, Sussex and Mary Wood from near Margate, Kent

Grandson John Sinnock and Sarah Goodhew from the Hailsham - Hellingly area of Sussex

4 immigrant sons of US immigrants Samuel Sinnock and Mary Lindfield

Son George Sinnock and Sarah Ann Kay from Payson, Illinois

Son Samuel Sinnock Jr. and Martha Cleck from Newark, Missouri

Son James William Sinnock and Mary Baker from Payon, IL and Raton, NM

Son Thomas Sinnock and Eliza Streeter from Quicy, Illinois

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United Kingdom Births and Migrations

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