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Thomas Sennock


30 Jun 1695, Eastbourne, East Sussex


TO: Elizabeth Looker
05 Aug 1725, Willingdon, East Sussex



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NOTE:  I assume "Tho ye son of Tho Synock and Naomi his wife bap" on 30 Jun 1695 in the Eastbourne Parish Register is the same as Thomas Sennock, who married Elizabeth Looker in Willingdon 5 Aug 1725, just two miles up the road. Thomas and Elizabeth had children in Westham a couple of miles east of Willingdon, including "James [partly erased] the son of Thomas Sennock and Elizabeth his wife was baptized" on 15 Jul 1732. James is the father of James, identified by Thomas Sinnock as his grandfather in his 1910 family history, thus tieing this Thomas to most Sinnocks in the United States. According to an email from Howard Sinnock, Thomas and Elizabeth had two other children in nearby Arlington, William and Elizabeth. However, Thomas, the father of children in Westham, may also be "Thomas son of Richard and Mary Sinnock baptized" 24 Jan 1697 in Bexhill about 8 miles from Westham. Or he may even be "Thomas Sennock s. of Nicholas & Ursila baptized" in Hailsham on 02 Jun 1699. These latter Thomas's are assumed to be a cousins of the current Thomas at least as recorded in the Sinnocks and Kin database. I assume Thomas born in Eastbourne is a better fit for the father of children in Westham and perhaps Arlington, though any of these three Thomas's would fit the bill. In any case, it seems clearer that Elias Sinnock and Margery Frankwell are Thomas grandparents through any of their sons: Thomas, Richard or Nicholas. Despite some uncertainty about Thomas' immediate ancestry, Thomas and Elizabeth are themselves ancestors of at least 2900 direct descendants and their spouses (see links below).

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James Sinnock
Ruth Blacktop
James Sinnock
Elizabeth Ruth Weller
William Sinnock
Mary Crittenden
Samuel Sinnock
Ann Judd
Henry Sinnock
Mary Wood
Elias Sinnock
Margery Frankwell
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