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Elias Sinnock


29 Aug 1613, Eastbourne, East Sussex


TO: Margery Frankwell
11 Oct 1649, Eastbourne, East Sussex


21 Feb 1690, Eastbourne, East Sussex

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St. Mary's Church, Eastbourne

NOTE:  Elias and Margery are ancestors of nearly 5400 known descendants and their spouses, including nearly 1300 native Sinnocks (click PDF icon on right). Many of their descendants are still living. The end branches of the tree diagram above show acorn icons for two of their great grandchildren: George Sinnock and Sarah Govey and George Sinnock and Martha Stredwich and one grandchild, Thomas Sennock and Elizabeth Looker. These acorns sprouted enough oaks through the generations to continue the Sinnock name from Elias in the 1600's to the present day. Of their other 46 great grandchildren, only ten are males that had known descendants:

  • Elias Sinnock      - Elizabeth Thatcher:  820 descendants, no living Sinnocks; many Hylands still living in Australia
  • Richard Sinnock  - Mary Williams:          33 descendants, no living Sinnocks, all lost somewhere around 1900 in the Weobley/Mansell Lacy area of Hereford
  • Thomas Sinnock  - Mary Inskipp:          160 descendants, no living Sinnocks, maybe some Truesdell survivors in Binghamton, NY and Fuller and Boxall survivors in England
  • John Sinnock      - Mary Roads:            600 descendants, click acorn in full-page tree for son George's tree (the Hailsham/Hellingly and Louisville clans)
  • Elias Sinnock      - Elizabeth Noakes:       4 descendants, only one child in Chevening, Kent in the early 1800's; all descendants lost
  • John Sinnock       - Susanna Claire:      350 descendants, living Sinnocks in London and New Zealand (Beckenham, Chailey, Worcester, Scotland clans)
  • William Sinnock   - Hannah Lock:        260 descendants, click acorn in full-page tree for son George's tree (the London, Canadian clan)
  • Thomas Sinnock   - Elizabeth Sharp:      74 descendants, mostly Cramps through their only daughter, Sarah who married James Cramp in 1803 in Bexhill
  • James Sinnock     - Sarah Marshall:   2500 descendants, click acorn in full-page tree for parent Thomas Sennock's tree (the Quincy clan)
  • Thomas Sinnock   - Lucy Fletcher:       195 descendants, no living Sinnocks; Viola Sinnock died as last of a New Jersey clan of jewelers, some Scarboroughs may survive
Elias is a son of Chrisopher Sinnock (Senoke) and Mary Wrenn; grandson of John Senoke and perhaps Margarett (sic) Meriall. Elias' baptism is established in the Eastbourne, St. Mary's Parish register as "Elias the sonne of Christofer Zeanoke baptized", his marriage "Elias Sinnock & Margery Frankwell married", and baptisms of eight of their children. Though his last name is variously spelled in the register as Zeanoke, Sinnock (5), Sinnocke, Senock, Sennock (2), Sennocke, and Simock, Elias is only the second person referred to by the spelling "Sinnock" in the Eastbourne area. The first reference to "Sinnock" is for the burial of Elias' father's "Christofer Sinnock an aged man was buried". Descendants of Elias and Margery consistently use the name "Sinnock", so Elias represents a transition from predominantly Senoke and Sennock names to the Sinnock name.

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