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James Sinnock


15 Jul 1732, Westham, East Sussex


TO: Sarah Marshall, 30 Jan 1757
Hailsham, East Sussex


10 Jan 1813, Hailsham, East Sussex

NOTE:  James is a son of Thomas Sennock (sic) and Elizabeth Looker as recorded in the Westham Parish Register July 15, 1732 as "James [John? partly erased] the son of Thomas Sennock and Elizabeth his wife was baptized". I assume that James, thus baptized in Westham, is the same as James who married Sarah Marshall in nearby Hailsham January 30, 1757 then raised a family of 7 children there. A note of interest, James and Sarah's first child, Thomas, was baptized only 4 months after they were married. By this time, the "Sinnock" spelling of the family name is fairly well established, though "Sinnick" and "Sennock" spellings still appear in the parish register for the christening entries of John Sinnick and Samuel Sennock, two of James and Sarah's seven children. He and Sarah raised a family of 7 in Hailsham including sons James (grandfather of US immigrant, Samuel Sinnock.

Another note of interest -- though memory of their son James is recorded in family recollections of their great grandson, Thomas, written about 1910 (this site is but a modern update of that work; thanks Thomas, a giant on whose shoulders I stand); however beginning with James and Sarah, the record of Sinnock ancestry passes to strictly historical records. I make several conjectures about plausible links among such records, almost always requiring 3 independent sources of potential identity, among them: our rare last name, matching first names, matching geographic locations, compatible dates, parent-child occupations, gaps in children's ages, unusual or common middle names, and any other "hint" that people in the historical records might be related. James is no exception, as noted above.

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