File Types used on this site
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All files defining this site are free and easily accessible.

  • *.pdf     - with Abobe Reader et al.
  • *.jpg     - with multiple programs
  • *.shtml - with your browser

Where * signifies the file name

Only JPG and SHTML files are used to display the site's active (linked) pages. JPG images can be saved to your device using your browser's 'save' or 'copy' functions. Often the option is given to view PDF versions of JPG files by clicking a or similar icon. JPG files can be linked to other pages whereas PDF's can not. Another difference is vector files like PDF's can be zoomed to almost any level and still retain sharpness because shapes and colors are stored mathematically and can be recalculated (rescaled) to fit any screen resolution at any zoom level. This contrasts with bitmap images like JPG's that are stored pixel-by-pixel at defined resolutions and sizes (JPG's on this site are almost always 300 dpi and usually at least 1200 x 1200 pixels). I recommend PDF versions only for zooming, printing, or saving. Pages and bookmarks can be viewed on PDF displays; however layers can not -- only downloaded versions allow layers to be viewed and turned on or off. Layers are not important for most PDF's, only for summary maps and charts. Most browsers have a 'download' option built into PDF displays accessible by clicking a down-pointing arrow . If navigation aids don't appear, move the cursor to the grey band along the top of the screen.

Any file on any page of this site may be copied or downloaded without attribution. I take full responsibility for all copyright and privacy concerns (note email links to 'withdrawl requests' for living people).



Several files are available for download only in proprietary formats; editable with associated software:

  • *.docx - Microsoft Word files
  • *.xlsx  - Microsoft Excel files
  • *.ai      - Adobe Illustrator files (downloaded as Adobe postscript files *.psc)
  • *.ftm   - MacKiev Software Family Tree Maker files
  • *.ged   - Any genealogical program, non proprietary database files

These files often contain backup materials as well as originals later converted to JPG or PDF versions for display on this site. All files are available to view and/or download in Menu 12, Downloads.