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James Sinnock


17 Apr 1785, Hailsham, East Sussex


TO: Ruth Blacktop, 12 Dec 1808
St. Martin in the Fields, London


15 Feb 1848, Edmonton District, London

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NOTE:  James is probably a brother of Thomas, Samuel and Charles. However, the Hailsham Parish Register entry for 8 May 1785 "James Sinnock s. James & Mary baptized" shows James' mother as Mary, not Elizabeth, as do 8 other register entries for James' children. I assume this is an error in the register because no other entries list James and Mary as parents. James birth date is just 5 months after James and Elizabeth's marriage suggesting, shall we say, a rapid marriage of the young couple. However, it's possible that this James was an illegitimate son of James and Mary (doubtful considering James marriage to Elizabeth 5 months later). Or perhaps another couple, James Sinnock and Mary, had one child, this James, in Hailsham with no other register entries (doubtful, given the apparent completeness of the Sinnock family in area registers), or perhaps the register entry error is for James' father's name and should read "s.(on) of John and Mary (Roads)". John is one of three Sinnock families (the third is Edward Sinnock and Elizabeth Bonyface) having children in Hailsham in the mid to late 1700's. The interpretation for an error in 'James' name in the register is equally likely to mine considering James baptism date of 8 May 1785 fits nicely into a gap in John and Mary's 12 other children. However, I reject it here because John and Mary already have enough children, and don't need any more. I also assume James, baptized in Hailsham, is the same as James married to Ruth Blacktop in 12 Dec 1808 in Westminster, London, according the the London, England, Marriages and Banns. This assumption is because of rarity of the last name, compatible ages, and geographic connections between family and official records. The Hailsham-London tie is found in Thomas Sinnock's Family history which mentions that James, son of James and Elizabeth, died in London. Ain't genealogy fun? One of James and Ruth's Holloway descendants migrated to faraway Austalia with his wife and baby daughter, perhaps to take advantage of the offer of free passage and a land grant in Austalia as an alternative to poor relief (I wonder if the aborigines were consulted?).

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