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Mary Margaret Hill


13 Nov 1912, West Dundee,IL


TO: Pomeroy Sinnock
13 Jul 1935, West Dundee, IL


24 Jul 1993, Schaumburg, IL

Photo Sources: Family scrapbook

NOTE:  My mother, what more can I say. Daughter of Art andRuth Hill; sister of Jack and Marty; mother of my sister Jeannie and brother Pom.


Mary and Pom's wedding, 1935

Left -- Their 50thanniversary, 1985 with children: Jean, Pom, and Scott
Right -- The "Farm" just outside Mt. Summit, IN

Left -- Mary age 16 at Cheley Camp, Estes Park, CO: a family tradition her brother Jack, several of his children and I continued. I still have and wear the nearly indestructable tan felt cowboy hat Jack gave me when I first went to Cheley. A wooden bowl I turned on a lathe at the camp workshop sits on my table and the gold spurs and key I won on my dresser. Cheley and the Colorado mountains are significant parts of my life. Thanks, Mom.
Right -- Mary's ancestors, including several early Puritans (click for full-screen linked view)

Album 121 Hill Barber Sinnock Obear Tombstone to children to Jeannie D Certificate