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Ruth Smalley Barber


31 Mar 1887, Marengo, IL


TO: Art Hill
17 Jun 1911, West Dundee, IL


17 Dec 1964, Chicago, IL

Photo Sources: Family scrapbook

NOTE:  My maternal grandmother at whose house we spent many Chirstmases with all us cousins who called her "Goggin". Goggin was mother of my mother  Mary  as well as  Marty and Jack; daughter of  Lester Barber and  Mary M. Bartholomew; three sisters Katherine, Mary, and Harriett and one brother, Charles who wrote a book  on the Barber family history (link worked in 2016).

House (~1950) on the D. Hill Nursery at the NW corner of Higgins Road and State Road 31, just west of West Dundee where the Spring Hill Mall is now

Barber Hill Mary's mother Tombstone Letter