Sinnocks and Kin – People
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Cynthia Mills Burrus


15 Feb 1805, Louisa County, VA


TO: Robert Garnett Kay
25 Mar 1824, Clark County, KY


08 Oct 1890, Illinois

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NOTE:  Cynthia is the mother of twelve including Sarah Ann Kay, wife of George Sinnock. She is the only known child of Roger Tandy Burrus and Cynthia Mills, both of whom are reported to have royal English ancestors (see ancestor diagram above-left): Roger - Edward I; and Cynthia - John I, Edward's grandfather. Once into such royal lines, ancestors can be traced, at least by some accounts, back to Adam and Eve and even the Greek gods and goddesses. Cynthia is the second Sinnock entre to royalty complimenting Cynthia's granddaughter-in-law, Frances Pomeroy who descends from Henry I, John I's great grandfather. Henry I's parents are William the Conqueror descended from Norwegian Vikings and the Scandanavian myths and Matilda of Flanders descended from Charles the Great (Charlemagne) and the Frankish myths, both leading to Odin, who by some traditions descends from Memnom, the Ethiopian King who came to the aid of Troy in that greatest of all battles and married King Priam's daughter, Troan, sister of Paris who abducted Helen to start the war, linking Cynthia to the Trojan myths and the gods and goddesses, and by some accounts, Adam and Eve.

Geo's m-in-law Pom's gmother