Sinnocks and Kin – People
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Source: Burke's Armory, 1856


Frances Mayo Pomeroy


07 May 1813, Salem, MA


TO: Thomas Coggeshall Nichols
27 Sep 1837, Harrodsburg, KY


10 Apr 1880, Hamilton, IL

NOTE:  Frances, my 2nd great grandmother represents the family name for which my brother, father, and grandfather are all named, plus at least 8 other middle names of both male and female descendants. Her father, Henry Pomeroy, is a direct partilineal descendant of Ralf de la Pomerai, a Norman knight who accompanied William the Conqueror across the channel where he won the throne of England at the battle of Hastings in 1066, defeating Harold. She and Thomas are parents of five daughters and two sons including their youngest daughter, Frances Mayo Pomeroy Nichols who married James William Sinnock. Signature Source: Personal letter from Fanny to her daughter Fanny Nichols Sinnock


Pomeroy castle restored (left); William the Conqueror (center); his coat-of-arms (right). William's son Henry Beauclerc  had several children with his favorite concubine, Sybella de Corbett, including a daughter Rohesia who married Henry de la Pomerai, Ralf's grandson. By then the Pomeroy family was settled firmly at an early version of this same castle in Devonshire just off the Dart River strategically near the coast. The Pomeroy family lived in the castle as nobles for more than 500 years, the longest single-family occupancy of any castle in all the British Isles. Eventually bankrupt they sold the property to the Seymour's (remember Jane, the 3rd wife of Henry VIII after he chopped off Anne Bolyn's head who he married despite the Pope's objection to his divorce from Catherine, the reason he broke with the church, remember all that?). The Pomeroy family had a long involvement with the royal court. One Pomeroy descendant several generations later, Elweed, migrated as a young lad to America in the 1630's, settling in Salem, the same place where his 4th great granddaughter, Frances, was born. This is a VERY conservative family living in the same places nearly forever. Frances must have been somewhat of the rebel, going "out west" to Kentucky to marry a college professor just a generation or so after Daniel Boone opened the frontier west of the mountains. This is about the same time our Sinnock ancestors, Sam Jr.  and older brother George settled in the frontier along the Mississippi River in central Illinois and that Granny White settled in the "never ending forest" of Indiana.

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