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Sisters - Frances (r) and Elise Henry Obear (l)
Photo Source: letter from Pomeroy Sinnock, Jr., 1994


Frances Maurice Obear


01 Jan 1888, Los Angeles, CA


TO: Pomeroy Sinnock
22 Jun 1910, St. Louis, MO
D - Jan 1912


14 May 1920, Santa Ana, CA

Pomeroy and Frances' ancestors
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NOTE:  Frances' ancestors are quite well known; she is the youngest daughter of Thomas Slaughter Obear and Mary Amelia Maurice; mother of Pom, Jr., my dad (in whose arms she died when he was just over nine years old); and sister of, from oldest to youngest, Maurice, William Henry, and Elise Henry Obear (pictured). Elise was known to me as "Aunt Elise". She and Lawrence Winall O'Neil had at least 53 descendants; cousins of my dad who remained in contact with our family and provided much information in the Sinnocks and Kin database about Elise's O'Neil and Woodcock descendants, many of whom settled in Oregon.

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