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Frances Mayo Pomeroy Nichols


05 Oct 1856, Quincy, IL


TO: James William Sinnock
10 Oct 1878, Quincy, IL


15 Mar 1944, Quincy IL

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NOTE:  Fannie, also known as "Monie", was mother of three sons: William Henry, Frank Brown, and Pomeroy; and two daughters: Julia (Oberdorfer) and Ellen (Wells). Fannie has deep medieval ancestry on both sides (see diagram above). She is a daughter of Thomas Coggeshall Nichols whose Coggeshall ancestors can be traced to the 1200's. Thomas Nichols ancestors lead back to the Pilgrim John Alden, the youngest signer of the Mayflower Compact. Her mother was Frances Mayo Pomoroy whose ancestors lead to Henry I, King of England. Henry's illegitimate but well-treated daugher, Rohesia, married Henry II de La Pomerai, Fannie's 20th great grandfather directly on her mother's side.

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