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Julia E. Sinnock


21 Sep 1888, Quincy, IL


TO: Henry Dixon Oberdorfer
Abt. Jun 1917


11 Nov 1975, Pomona, CA

Photo Sources: Family scrapbook

NOTE:  Julia and Dixon had a child in 1919 who died as a month-old infant. They then adoped my father as a 9 year old in 1920 shortly after after his divorced mother, Frances Obear died in 1920. Julia and Dixon then adopted two more children, Richard and Helen (Piros) Oberdorfer. We spent several Thanksgivings with Helen and Bob Piros. "Aunt Jule" and "Uncle Dick" as they were known to us Sinnock kids, raised my father at their home in New Castle, my "home" town. Julia is a daughter of JW and Fannie May Nichols (Sinnock); sister of William Henry, Frank Brown, Pomeroyand Ellen (Wells). "Aunt Jule" was wont to enumerate the sins against the body, the "temple of god", such as drinking, smoking, gambling, and of course sex; but mostly I remember was her warm, comfortable lap listening to "classical" music in her large front room. "Aunt Jule" left me a fabulous collection of more than 200 33 RPM vinyl stereo and mono recordings for analog turntables of every variety of "classical" music: Bach, Handel, Hayden, Telleman, Scarlotti, Vivaldi, Verdi, Wagner, Purcell, Pachelbel, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mendelson, Berlioz, Mozart, Sibelius, Stravinski, Maler, Williams and many others. Alas, I lost the collection somewhere along the way, but I did pick up from her my love of such music. Thank you Aunt Jule.

Julia and Dixon

Their home: 709 Hawthorne Road, New Castle, IN

Album 120 JW & Fannie John's8thggdau from Pom Jr from Pom Sr to Susan Piros Migration