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Letter from Pomeroy Sinnock to his sister Julia (Oberdorfer)

This letter, saved by my dad and retrieved from his files after he died, tells the story of a child, Pom Jr., abandoned as an infant by his father, Pom Sr.
After Pom Sr's ex-wife, Frances Obear (Sinnock) died in May 1920 in my dad's arms when "the little fellow" was just nine, Pom Sr's sister, Julia
and her husband Dixon "adopted" my father. With this letter Pom Sr. thanks his sister for taking in and raising my father, which they did until he
graduated from law school and married my Mom fifteen years later. He stayed a while with his aunt Elise Obear (O'Neil) before finding
a permanent home with what we kids called "Aunt Jule and Uncle Dick", our surrogate paternal grandparents.

Source: Personal archives donated to the Quincy Library in 2015

January 27, 1921