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Charles Wesley Sinnock


15 Aug 1849, Payson, IL


TO: Lydia K. Wharton
06 May 1872, Quincy, IL


07 Apr 1923, Belfry, MT

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NOTE:  "Charles W. Sinnock, a well-to-do and respected farmer of La Plata township was brought up to the boot and shoe-maker trade in Payson, which he followed in that county until the spring of 1876, when, needing open air and outdoor exercise incident to farming, he quit his trade and removed to Missouri, locating near La Plata where he bought and improved a farm. He followed farming there for about six years, and then returned to Adams County, Illinois, where he again engaged in the boot and shoe business. But having tried farming he came to the conclusion that, after all, it is about the best business one can follow, health and independence of life considered. So he returned to Missouri in 1853 and bought the farm where he now resides in Macon County. Mr. Sinnock has a neat place of 120 acres, two miles south-east of La Plata, all in active cultivation and neatly improved."
              quote from an unknown source attached to a letter from Winnie Sinnock Freeman, 06 Aug 1996

Charles and Lydia had nine children all in La Plata, the last dying as a two week old infant in 1895. Shortly thereafter sometime in the early 1900's, they took their six youngest children and migrated to the Belfry area of Montana on prime agricultural land along the flats created by Clark's Fork flowing off the glaciated Yellowstone Volcano. Three of their children settled near them around Belfry, daughters Della May and Anna L. and son Charles Augustus. Samuel settled along the Stillwater River, a couple of valleys to the west, and George in the Big Timber Creek basin, one valley even further west. Daugher Amy appeared in Helena in 1910 before moving on to San Francisco for a successful career as a stenographer and ever the spinster, and from what I can gather, one of the first feminists, she even smoked I hear. Their oldest, Nellie and Harry, stayed in Missouri. Charles Wesley is the oldest son of immigrant George Sinnock and cousin of the other Charles Wesley Sinnock who also migrated west, to New Mexico with his father's family, about the same time. His brothers and sisters are (in order of birth): Angeline, Lucy, JW, Kay, Mary Etta, Claire Edith and George E.  Descendant trees are available for the linked brothers (click link below).

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