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Kay Sinnock


21 Nov 1855, Payson, IL


TO: Sarah Ives
18 Dec 1883, Quincy, IL


23 Nov 1928, Quincy, IL

Photo Sources: hand delivered by Grant Sinnock, 1994

with descendant list

NOTE:  Kay and Sarah have at least 90 descendants through six children: Dwight Ives (died at 2), Ralph Northrup (died at 26), and four who raised their own families; Ruth, Perrin Kay, George Ives, and Elizabeth Weed. Kay is a son of Sarah Ann Kay and immigrant George Sinnock; brother of seven, including (in order of birth): Angeline, Lucy, Charles Wesley, JW, Mary Etta, Claire Edith, and George E. Sinnock. Descendant trees are also available for all his brothers.

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