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Photo Sources: letter from daughter, Melanie, 11 Jul 1994


Robert George Sinnock


04 Aug 1923, Robinnsdale, MN


TO: Carol Althea Anderson
03 Aug 1942


Abt. Feb 1989, Lake Tahoe, CA

Robert and Carol

NOTE:  Robert and Carol married in 1942, probably in the Minneapolis area, a war-time marriage of a young couple perhaps as Robert is off to the war. After the war they had two sons in Minneapolis, John Robert and Robert Carl who both died within a month of respiratory problems, perhaps on the same day as the Minnesota Birth and Death records indicate. Perhaps, as suggested by their daughter, Melanie, these tragically disappointing deaths encouraged Robert and Carol to move west where the climate was (is) reputed to be more benign for breathing. In any case, throughout the early 1950's they migrated to Californa via a circuitous route, including stays in Idaho and several places in eastern Washington state, having children at each place. They finally settled in 1955 at the "family home" in the Bay Area of California, in the town of Mountain View. Robert and Carol's last three children were born in Redwood City, just 10 miles or so up the road from Mountain View. He and Carol lived for 34 years in the family home in Mountain View. Their children spread out from Mountain View to Menlo Park, surrounding counties, and as far south as San Diego. Robert was interested in the outdoors; often hiking and backpacking in the wilderness. As a result he died on a solo cross-county ski adventure in the Sierra Nevada Mountains above Lake Tahoe in early March. Apparently he got lost in a snowstorm at the time of the greatest depth of the snowpack. His body was found after the spring thaw two months later, sitting down, leaning against his backpack.

Father of Christine, Constance, Catherine, Kelly, Shannon, Melanie and Grant Sinnock; son of George Ives and Edith Feith Sinnock, great grandson of immigrant George Sinnock.

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