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Charles Wesley Sinnock


28 Jul 1858, Moweaqua, IL


TO: Martha E. "Mattie" Ray
05 Oct 1887, Roseville, IL
(2) Mary Kavanaugh Letton
23 Jun 1892, Raton, NM


07 May 1947, Raton, NM

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NOTE:  Charles, born in one of the circuit towns of his father's preaching circuit in Illinois migrated to Raton, NM with his newlywed wife, Mattie Ray, to join his siblings and parents who had migrated earlier in 1884 with Charles younger sisters, Emma (19 years old) and Helena (11). Emma died just after they arrival of tuberculosis. The family had moved after Charles' sister Adah and her newlywed husband William Darling died of the same disease late 1883 to escape to the clean mounain air for relief from the dreaded disease. Mattie, his wife, died giving birth to their first child  John Ray Sinnock in 1888, just nine months after their wedding back in Illinois. Tragic family time. He then married another Raton settler, Mary Kavanaugh Letton and they had five boys, all in Raton and all who grew to ripe old ages (oldest to youngest): William Pike, Robert Letton, Charles Burton Baker, Burton Summers and James Marion. Charles Wesley is the oldest son of immigrant James William (JW) Sinnock and cousin of the other Charles Wesley Sinnock who also migrated west, to Montana, about the same time.

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