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George Eugene Sinnock


14 Oct 1864, Payson, IL


TO: Hattie J. Callaway
28 Mar 1898, Tallula, IL


08 Dec 1931, Canton, OH

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NOTE:  . George is the youngest of seven children of immigrant George Sinnock and Sarah Ann Kay. Family legend of his descendants had it that Hattie Callaway, George's wife, was a direct descendant of Daniel Boone the Kentucky frontiersman through Daniel daughter Jemima who is known to have married Flander Callaway. However, it turns out according the Callaway Family Association, Hattie descends from Flander's brother, Edmund. George is the youngest of seven children, including (in order of birth): Angeline, Lucy, Charles Wesley, JW, Kay, Mary Etta and Carrie Sinnock. Descendant trees are available for these linked brothers (blue names).George and Hattie are parents of three children: Mary Charles (Weaver), Raymond Barnard and Harvey Kay

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