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Henry Sinnock


13 Sep 1778, Hailsham, East Sussex


TO: Mary Wood
10 Nov 1802, Margate, Kent


Abt. Sep 1843, Thanet District (Margate), Kent

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NOTE:  Henry apparently met and fell in love with a Kent girl, Mary Wood from faraway Sandwich, Kent on the east coast. In any case they married in nearby Margate on the NE corner of Kent poking into the North Sea, had their first child, John in Sandwich then moved back up to Margate where they had six more, four known to have survived, two of these to have children: Elizabeth (Hobday) and William. Henry and Mary are ancestors of at least 360 descendants through John, Elizabeth, and William, including grandfather of Alfred Howard Sinnock. Henry is one of seven children of James Sinnock and Sarah Marshall, all born in Hailsham including brothers James and Samuel; he is a grandson of Thomas Sennock (sic) and Elizabeth Looker from Eastbourne, East Sussex. Many of Henry and Mary's descendants stayed in Kent, mostly moving to the nearest big city in the 1800's along with the rest of Britain, in their case, Canterbury. A couple of their great grandsons emmigrated to the United States: Edward William Sinnock to California and Donald Wilmot Sinnock to New York establishing small, unbeknownst to the other branches of North American Sinnocks. Thus, Henry's parents, James Sinnock and Sarah Marshall are the most recent common ancestors of three branches of Sinnocks currently living in the United States (2016): the Illinois branch; Ohio branch (extinct); California branch; and Connecticut branch. We must travel even further back to Elias Sinnock and Margery Frankwell to find a common ancestor with the other American branches of the family: the Candian, Louisville, and Michigan (extinct) clans of the Sinnock name.

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