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Humphrey Barber


11 Nov 1806, Warwick, MA


TO: Maria Potter
25 Jan 1835, Java Village, NY


13 Dec 1874, Riley Township
McHenry County, IL

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Pencil sketch of Cazenovia, New York

NOTE:  Humphrey migrated with his parents, Joseph Barber and Betsy Conant and siblings, including his brothers, Joseph and Amory, from Warwick, MA to the frontier at Java Village in western New York not far from the new Eire Canal. There he met and wed Maria Potter and they had 9 children who spawned 125 known descendants including a granddaughter, my maternal grandmother Ruth Barber (Hill). All their surviving children, including Lester and Amanda were born in Java Village before they moved their whole family in 1851 to homestead 80 acres in Riley Township, McHenry County, Illinois. It appears Humphrey's father Joseph (or someone) took a Military Tract warrent for service in the War of 1812 on land during 1817. The land was in the far frontier west of Lake Michigan, at the time and Humphrey was a lad of 11. It is doubtful that an 11 year old boy would earn such a warrant so someone must have taken it in his name. This grant certainly helps explain why Humphrey chose that area of the country to settle in when he was much older, about 44 or so. However, there may be more than one Humphrey Barber, so the one granted land in 1817, may not be the same as the one who settled in Riley Township in about 1850. Their last, litte Humphrey, born in Riley Township died at about a one year old, just after the family arrived in 1851.

Mary's ggfather Tombstone