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Hugh Kay Sinnock


26 Oct 1945, Indianapolis, IN


TO: Elaine Toby Zuroff
(Sinnock), 15 Jul 1968, Chicago, IL


(LIVING, 2016)

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Photo Sources: wife Elaine's Facebook page, 2015

With wife, Elaine and sons Ryan (l) and Matt (r)

NOTE:  Hugh and I shared two "we can't believe it" coincidences. First in the 1963 regional pole vault event in Indianapolis. The name "Sinnock" was called to take the first vault. Unbeknownst to each other, both Hugh and I showed up at the end of the runway, realized both our names were Sinnock and that we shared the "family story" of the "Sevenoaks' origin of our name. Our families exchanged visits and confirmed we were related to the Quincy Sinnock family. Neither one of us placed in the meet. The next year I won the meet. The second time was when we moved independently to Las Vegas, NV, at nearly the same time in about 1990, having never seen each other since our early meetings.

Hugh is father of Ryan, and Matt; brother of Tad Sinnock, Mary Allison (Young) and Elizabeth Ann (Drake); son of Kendrick Liebig Sinnock and Janet Nita Kimble; great grandson of immigrant George Sinnock

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