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Rollo 'the Viking'




TO: Papie
886, Norway





Fannie Nichols       Cynthia Burrus     Henry deLa Pomerai      Charlemagne          Alfred the Great        Rollo the Viking    Priam III, Cimmerian    Priam of Troy

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The lists above taken together compliment the ancestor diagram and provide names and titles along many ancestral routes from Frances Nichols and Cynthia Burrus through Henry I, King of England (see Henry de La Pomerai's diagram) to Rollo, Charlemagne, and Alfred 'the Great' based on generally reliable historical information. Then records move from legends to myths converging on Priam, King of Troy or his father Laomedan. Some myths tie Dardandus, Priam's 3rd great grandfather, through Zerah his father to Adam and Eve through Zerah's father the biblical partriach, or through his mother Electra, one of the seven Pleiades to Greek gods and godesses. The diagram and last (right-most) six lists above are based on the Sinnock, Royals, Vikings, Romans, and Gods database which is based in turn on Frankish, Saxon, and Norse oral myths tieing historical medieval royalty to Troy through Priam's daughters Troan and Creusa and son Hellenus. The  PDF  for Charlemagne, Alfred and Rollo bookmarks key individuals from the last 5 lists above; individual lists are not bookmarked.

NOTE:  Rollo was a Viking raider. Some stories relate he was so large that no horse could support him, so he had to walk where ever he went; thus known as Rollo, the 'ganger' (roughly translated as Rollo, the 'walker'). In 911 he founded the Duchy of Normandy given to him by the French king Charles 'the Simple' to stop his viking raids along the Seine and nearby rivers. As part of the agreement Rollo was baptized a Christian in 911 as "Robert" on condition of being granted the Duchy. Normandy is named for 'land of Northmen', i.e. Vikings that came with Rollo and settled there. Rollo was banished from Norway by King Harald 'the Fair Haired' for continuing to raid lands in Norway. According to Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda, Rollo descends through Priam's daughter Troan who married the black King of Ethiopia, Memnon who came to the aid of Priam in his famous battle with the Greeks. According to Snorri, Troan and Memnon had a son, Tror, more commonly known as the Norse God, Thor, continuing the Olympian genealogy of Memnon whose parents, some say, were Eos the dawn goddess and Tithonius, half-brother of Priam through their father Laomedan. In Homer's Iliad Memnon's aristeia rivaled even Hector's. Who knows? We are all related anyway.