Sinnocks and Kin – People
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Harold Johnson Sinnock


20 Aug 1906, Oakland County, MI


TO: Harriett Irene Wells


05 Aug 1976, Pontiac, MI

Harold (r) and Harriett (c) with her relatives
Photo Source: Barley-Wells, Buehrer-Calkins, Speciale, Stigler Family Tree at

NOTE:  Harold and Harriett are parents of only one known child, Marilyn J. Sinnock; Harold is also the only known child of John Henry Sinnock and Hilda Ruth Johnson; he is also the only pictured descendant of George Sinnock and Elizabeth Riseborough. George and Elizabeth immigrated to Michigan from the Rochester-Hoo-Medway area of Kent with the first two of their five surviving children. Their line of Sinnocks disappeared from Michigan, but still survives in several maternal families including those of their granddaughter, Bernice Mae Sinnock, whose daughter, Kathryn Lakvold provided much information about this now extinct branch of Sinnocks. This branch must go all the way back to Elias Sinnock and Margery Frankwell of Eastbourne, East Sussex in the early 1600's for the most common ancestor with living Louisville and Quincy branches of the family. Though memory of the Sinnock name is still common in Oakland County, it will soon pass from the memory of most descendants.