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Ernest George Sinnock


12 Jul 1870, Hurstpierpoint, East Sussex


TO: Louise C. Moritz
Abt. 1906


05 Jun 1933, Jefferson County, KY

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NOTE:  Paul Gildie Sinnock Sr. indicated in telephone converstion that his grandfather was born in St. "Moritz", Switzerland. Interestingly several sources give Louise C. "Moritz" as the wife of Ernest George born in Hurstpierpoint, East Sussex. Perhaps Ernest and Louise were married in St. Moritz, Switzerland, a famous ski resort, partly explaining why there is no record of their marriage in Kentucky. Perhaps Ernest spent time in St. Moritz, perhaps he learned his watchmaking trade there. In any case, Ernest ties the Kentucky branch of Sinnocks to a family from Hellingly, East Sussex and eventually back to Eastbourne and Elias and Margery Frankwell Sinnock, apparently the most recent common ancestor of the Louisville and Quincy branches of Sinnocks. Ernest immigrated from Brighton to Louisville as a one-year old infant in 1871 with his parents, Ernest Flowers Sinnock and Anna Waller. In Louisville he met and married Louise Moritz (perhaps her family from St. Moritz). They had three children in the Louisville area: Virginia, Paul, and Florence.

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