Sinnocks and Kin – People
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Arthur Howard (Art) Hill


03 Jul 1881, West Dundee, IL


TO: Ruth Smalley Barber
17 Jun 1911, West Dundee, IL


06 Aug 1970, Elgin, IL

Sources: Family Scrapbook

NOTE:  Art, my grandfather, known as 'Bobby' to his grandchildren, was a nurseryman following a family tradition inherited from his father David Hill who founded the 'D. Hill Wholesale Nursery Company' which Art passed on to his son, Jack Hill, who passed on to his son, Platt Hill. The D. Hill Nursery Company still operates just east of Marengo, IL, on SR 176, though now owned by a different family. Platt used proceeds of the nursery sale to start his own, now quite successful retail nursery. Bobby, or as he was known on the baseball diamond, 'Beldy', was on his way to the majors in the Chicago Cubs organiztion in about 1908, the last time the Cubbies won the Series until tonight, 108 years later, as I write this at about 12:00pm, Novermber 2, 2016 -- GO CUBBIES (that one's for Beldy). Ruth gave him a choice: long road trips with the Cubs or her. He chose her.

Serving Christmas Cheer

Bobby and Goggin (to us grandkids)

Their home on the nursery, Higgins Road, just west of town (now the site of Spring Hill Shopping Mall)

Hill Barber Tombstone to sister