Sinnocks and Kin – People
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Adam and Eve
(first man and woman)


October 10 Oct 4004 BC


TO: each other


God's wrath at their sin

Source: Image from
'Adam and Eve' oil on wood panel
by Lucas Cranach 'the Elder', 1528

NOTE:  Adam and Eve were connected by medieval genealogists to medieval monarchs, including Charlemagne and Henry I. These connections are based on legends and myths of the Briton, Frank, Saxon, Norse traditions. Somewhere, someone, sometime has associated a name with every person between Adam and Even and these medieval monarchs and others. Henry I is an ancestor of Frances Pomeroy who, in turn, is James William Sinnock's grandmother. The version of the Sinnocks, Royals, Vikings, Romans, and Gods database posted at and the derived diagram both show (by one possible descent route) Adam and Eve as James William's 100th great grandparents, even. Perhaps 100 generations after Adam and Eve, it's time to ask God, "How we doin'?"