Sinnocks and Kin Tombstones
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Alice Alma Sinnock and Frank P. Thompson

May Cemetery, Livingston Co. near Cream Ridge, MO

Alice is a granddaughter of immigrants William Swift Sinnock and Sarah Usher Wilson. William's parents, John W. Sinnock and Sarah Swift Coultrup, immigrated in about 1867 to the Puget Sound area of Washington State, and are ancestors of 25 or so mostly Sinnock and Thompson descendants in the US. This is another Sinnock family in the US besides the 500 or so descended from Samuel Sinnock and Mary Lindfield. This family are distant cousins several times removed from most of us Sinnocks, with the nearest common ancestor being Sam and Mary's grandparents, James Sinnock and Sarah Marshall. John W. and Sarah's family suffered a terrible tradegy from 1841 to 1850 when all five of their children born in that decade died as infants.


Livingston Co, MO