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Samuel Thomas Sinnock


09 May 1878, Bethnal Green, London


TO: Jane Mary Watts
16 Oct 1898, Hackney, London


29 Aug 1918, Vimy Ridge, Flanders Fields

Canadian military men: Sam (seated left); his son Johnnie
(standing) and Alf Taylor, husband of his sister Rosina
Photo Source: letter from grandson Jack, 25 Feb 1996

NOTE:  Sam and Jane are progenitors of at least 150 people including nearly all Sinnocks in Cananda. They migrated with their toddler son, Jonnie and infant daugher, Mary Ellen to Winnipeg in 1902, where they had six more children including Anne. Though Sam's ancestry is unknown - because of his name, birth location, and birth date I assume Sam was a son of John Thomas Sinnock and perhaps Sarah Litton from Beckenham, London. He appears in the 1891 census in Bethnal Green as a son of widower "John" of Morpheth Street and in the 1901 census in Mile End New Town with wife Jane. This Sam and Jane are assumed to be the same couple who immigrated to Canada in 1902 according to Canadian census records, matching recollections of his grandson John Samuel (Jack,). According to Jack, Sam was athletic; a boxer. His father is listed as a "seatsman" in his marriage entry with Jane Watts in the London, England, Marriages and Banns. During a final review of all family letters received over the past 20 years, I noted a forgotten, one line phrase in a 3 page handwritten letter on May 12, 1994 from Joyce Cooper Sinnock. Joyce indicated her husband's, Lawrence Sinnock's grandparents were "John and Lucy" from Beckenham, then the phrase, "John had a brother (name unknown) who immigrated to Canada, around about 1906 - 1910". This obscure tidbit suggests perhaps that Frederick Sinnock and Ann Blake are the parents of Sam, because they are the grandparents of Joyce's husband Lawrence, and had a son (Lawrence's uncle), Arthur John Sinnock (John?) who married Louisa Annie Johnson (Lucy?). To be true however would require Sam to have been Frederick and Ann's only child born perhaps as an "illegitimate" child across the river Thames in Bethnal Green, a world away from Beckenham where all their other children were born. I stick with John Thomas and Sarah Litton as the most likely parents of Sam. In this case the Canadian Sinnock ancestry may extend back to  George Sinnock and Sarah Govey from the Shoreditch - Bethnal Green area of Hackney in London, thence probably even further back to Elias Sinnock and Margery Frankwell in Eastbourne along the southern Sussex coast in the early 1600's. Elias and Margery are probably the most "recent" common ancestors of most Canadian and US Sinnock cousins.

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