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Ruth Sinnock Tomlins


21 Jan 1853, Pontesbury, Shropshire


TO: William James Raven
10 Apr 1879, Christchurch, New Zealand


15 Nov 1916, Taumarunui, New Zealand

Photo Source: letter from Ruth's great grandson, Tony Moore, 09 Oct 1995

NOTE:  Ruth and James Raven have 265 known descendants, many in New Zealand where Ruth and James migrated in about 1875, before they were married. Did they meet in England and run-off to New Zealand or independently migrate then meet? Ruth is a daughter of  Ruth Sinnock from Hailsham, East Sussex, and William Tomlins. Most information about Ruth's New Zealand Raven, Moore, and Uden descendants is from Tony Moore's 1995 letter and attached GEDCOM.

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