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Ruth Sinnock


16 Sep 1881, Hailsham, East Sussex


TO: William Tomlins
11 Dec 1849, Shrewbury, Shropshire


Abt. Dec 1874, Atcham, Shropshire

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NOTE:  Apparently Ruth, from Hailsham, met and married William from faraway Shropshire County and then, in a reversal of most distant marriage patterns at the time, moved to his home area. They have 365 known descendants, including daughter  Ruth who migrated in about 1875 to New Zealand. Ruth, the mother, is a daughter of  Charles Sinnock and Maria Parsons of Hailsham and granddaughter of the most recent common ancestors with most Sinnocks in the USA,  James Sinnock and Elizabeth Ruth Weller.

James & Eliza