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John Sinnock


11 Jan 1829, Margate, Kent


TO: Emma Tester
04 Feb 1860, Herne Bay, Kent


06 Sep 1872, Herne Bay, Kent

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NOTE:  John and Emma are ancestors of about 100 known descendants including their 2nd great granddaughter, Lesley Miller (Turner, Sinnock) who shared research into our family history, especially about her Australian Turner line back to Henry Sinnock, John and Emma's second son. Their descendants mostly stayed in Kent, migrating to the nearest big city as everyone else in the 1800's, in this case to Canterbury. Two Sinnock families still live there, those of their 2nd great grandsons:  Robert Bryan and  David Bertam Sinnock, though Robert made a sojourn to Spain, establishing the only Sinnock presence in that country as far as I can tell. John is one of eight children of John Sinnock and Esther Hewitt, all born in Margate; grandson of  Henry Sinnock from Hailsham, East Sussex and Mary Wood from Margate.

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