Family Letters
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George Sinnock to his wife, Sarah Ann Kay (Sinnock)

This is a copy of a handwritten letter George composed during his two-week trip to England in 1851, perhaps in part to convince the rest of his family to join him in Payson, which they did two years later in 1853. Several copies are floating around the family. I received a xerographic copy of the original handwritten letter (shown below) and one leather-bound typed transcription, both of unknown origin, in a letter from my father on January 25, 1994. On December 31, 1995 Roberta Kell Sinnock Kaegi sent me another handwritten transcription she made. Finally, I made my own transcription based on the original and other transcriptions on November 11, 1996. All copies were donated as part of my personal archives to the Quincy Library in 2015

June 8, 1851