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Roberta Kell Sinnock


16 May 1925, Las Cruces, NM


TO: Donald John Kaegi
23 Feb 1946, Blythe, CA


03 Nov 1998, Tucson, AZ

Photo Sources: letter from Roberta, 31 Dec 1995

NOTE:  Born in the old adobe house of her grandfather Kell, she was named by her grandmother. Roberta sent much information about the Sinnock-Letton families in December 1995 (see letter links below). At that time she had the family bible of James William Sinnock and Mary Rebecca Baker, her great grandparents. She also had a gold-headed cane from Reuben Letton, which family legend has going to his oldest surviving descendant; next Duncan Sinnock. Roberta was an artist who, among others, provided illustrations for "Maria Montoya, Master Potter" by Elsie Kreiselier. She visited her uncle, John Ray Sinnock, another family artist in Philadelphia in 1939. She maintained a Seven Oaks Art Studio in Corrales, NM and Tempe, AZ during the 1970's and 1980's. Roberta is Anneli, Jan, and Lynn Kaegi's mother; daughter of Robert Letton and Margaret Kell Sinnock; great granddaughter of immigrant James William Sinnock


Roberta and Donald

Some of Roberta's art work

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